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Goldfish Types That Are Suitable for Beginners

Are you planning on …

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Are you planning on keeping goldfish as pets, but you are not sure as to which of the goldfish types to get? If you are a newcomer to the world of fish keeping, goldfish are great choices for being your first pets because they are beautiful, low maintenance, and they are more hardy than other types of aquarium fish. If you are looking for goldfish types that are suitable for beginners like you then here are some suggestions:

Common Goldfish

The common goldfish are the ones that are given away as prizes at county fairs. These are one of the best when it comes to resistance to disease and water condition as compared to the other goldfish types, which is why even beginners can take good care of them.

This type of flat-bodied goldfish are agile swimmers and can grow to more than a foot in length if given enough room, they are also able to live for more than 10 years depending on the level of care that it gets. They are omnivorous, meaning you can feed them just about anything from fish pellets, flakes, live worms, and even frozen peas.

Comet Goldfish

These goldfish are similar in appearance to the common goldfish except that they have longer and more pronounced fins. The tail fin of the comet goldfish is one of the longest among all of the goldfish types, the tails are almost as long as the main body of the goldfish itself; it is really impressive to see an adult comet goldfish that is almost a foot in length with a graceful tail that is almost the same length or even longer.

And just like the common goldfish, comet goldfish are a hardy bunch making them a perfect choice for beginners.

Shubunkin Goldfish

These goldfish are similar in body shape as the common goldfish; the shubunkin’s body is just a bit more streamlined than the common goldfish. The coloration is also different in this goldfish, instead of the gold and white metallic colors found in common goldfish; the shubunkin has a combination of metallic and transparent scales of different colors, which is why the shubunkin is also called the calico. The shubunkin goldfish comes in a variety of different color combinations ranging from white, black, gold, blue, red, and purple; shubunkins that have blue colorations are very rare making them more valuable than the others.

And just like the other flat-bodied goldfish types, the shubunkin goldfish does not need much maintenance to keep, you can even keep them in a pond in your backyard if you like, just remember to place them in an indoor tank when the weather gets too cold.

Goldfish are one of the most popular pets for many years, and they do not seem to lose any popularity as time passes by. If you are a budding enthusiast in raising these beautiful fish, the types pf goldfish mentioned above will be able to give you lots of practice in raising and taking care of the other goldfish types.