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Goldfish Food – Everything That You Want to Know About Goldfish Feeding

In order to keep you…

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In order to keep your goldfish health and happy you must feed them correctly. In fact incorrect feeding may lead to illness and even death of your beloved fish. One of the foremost reasons for the premature death of goldfish is wrong feeding. It is very crucial for you to know about the feeding requirements of goldfish.


It is a well known fact that goldfish will eat everything that you give them within three minutes. They do not differentiate between what is needed and what is not. So it is essential that you are careful enough not to offer any food that is not meant for fish in the fish tank or bowl. In fact a very common accident associated with goldfish death is that when you accidentally drop something not meant for goldfish in to their water and they eat that and die. So be careful when you are dropping fish food inside the tank.

This is very dangerous as everyone is aware of how prone goldfish are too dangerous ailments. Malicious bacteria upon entering the water can kill all your goldfish. So whenever you are dealing with any aspect of fish tank and especially when you are feeding your fish you must make sure that you have thoroughly washed your hands. It will stop any harmful bacteria from passing over to the aquarium.


Flakes are very popular and common food of goldfish. There are a number of reasons behind it. First of all flakes contain the exact level of nutrient that your fish requires daily. Moreover flakes are very easy to eat. Another advantage of flakes is that they stay surfaced for a long time so that your fish can eat fully. A lot of other fish food sinks very soon.

However, a negative aspect of flakes is that many times people tend to over-feed their fish with flakes. Goldfish do not need much food. So finger full will be enough for your goldfish and remember not to over-feed them.


Pellets are another very popular and common fish food that you can give to your goldfish. They also have the required quantity of nutrition that the fish need in a day. But there is a difficulty with pellets is that they tend to sink very soon and your fish may not get chance to fully eat them. The uneaten pellets may rot with time and may give rise to bacteria at times.

This implies that if you use pellets your tank will become dirtier than when you feed flakes. So you will have to change your tank water more often. But in spite of that it is also very easy to make out how much fish food your goldfish may need. Usually, s small finger-full is enough daily.