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Everything you want to know about a career in interior design

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Did you know there will be a $38.2 billion increase in the Indian interior design market valuation by 2027 (Blue Weave Consulting)? Thus, there is no best time than now to give wings to your dreams of becoming an interior designer. It is a lucrative career and comes with several opportunities. 

Additionally, like several colleges and institutes offer fashion design courses for people who want to pursue fashion, many offer courses in interior design too. You should pick one that imparts all the relevant skills and provides a head start in this space. Moreover, if you are curious about a career in interior design, this read dishes it all for you.

Who is an interior designer?

An interior designer is a skilled individual who can transform any residential or commercial space from scratch into a visually and aesthetically appealing haven. The work involves understanding textiles, colours, lighting, laws, and rules prevalent in a locality, and other structural aspects of a building, like figuring out the plumbing, electricity, etc. In short, an interior designer should be acquainted with everything there is to a particular space. 

What are their responsibilities?

A career in interior design includes the following responsibilities:

  • Staying abreast with the upcoming trends
  • Visualising the best ideas for space and bringing them to life
  • Designing spaces according to client briefs
  • Brainstorming ideas to come up with functional and aesthetic ideas for a space

How to become one?

There are numerous interior courses on offer, and you can pick a reputed design college in India to pursue a three-year degree course in this field. A degree course lets you balance strong theoretical and practical skills that help you advance in your career. Internships that are part of the curriculum also allow you to learn new skills and gain confidence. 

Additionally, the opportunity to learn in a professional environment determines an organisational setup’s dynamics and provides a hands-on experience.

What are the essential skills?

Aspiring interior designers should have some critical skills that help them chart a winning trajectory. Some of them include the following:

  • Creativity
  • Good communication
  • Versatility and flexibility
  • Visualisation skills
  • Curiosity
  • Structural awareness
  • Logical thinking
  • Managerial skills
  • Problem-solving skills

What are the jobs you can pursue?

Like there are multiple interior design courses to choose from, you have numerous job profiles to opt for upon completing your course. Some of the coveted career paths include:

  • Interior designer
  • Interior stylist
  • Spatial designer
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Exhibition designer
  • Lighting designers
  • Production designer or art director
  • Retail display designer

What are the sectors that employ interior designers?

Interior designers can find employment with retailers, interior design companies, construction companies, set designing companies that design sets for television, films, exhibition centres, event management companies, architectural firms, and design consultancies.

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