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Epic E950 Elliptical Review

Icon Fitness has bee…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-04-30

Icon Fitness has been at it again-the Epic E950 Elliptical is yet another one of their many branded machines.

Sandwiched amid the Reebok and NordicTrack ellipticals price-wise, the Epic line has some specific goodies and the E950 has some that can only be found on this model.

One touch features are sweet, and I like them a lot. That said, Epic has included the one touch magnetic resistance and one touch power incline as a couple of their unique goodies. Personally, I think they were good choices.

Who wants to try to mess around with knobs or anything else while you are trying to do your workout? Seriously? Just touch it once, and be done with it? Heck yes…

Epic e950 Elliptical Specifications…

  • Magnetic Resistance
  • 1-Touch Resistance with 12 resistance settings
  • 10%-30% 1-Touch Power Incline
  • Multi-window LED Display
  • 8 Personal Training Programs
  • Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

There is, sadly a minus to the Epic Elliptical. Without a wireless heart rate monitor or an eddy current braking system to aid in controlling your workout, the machine is lacking for the price point.

The other thing that truly confuses me is why I-Fit compatibility was not included. Icon is the maker of this model-so, that was a big error on their part, I think.

I could actually really think about buying the Epic Elliptical, if it weren’t for the pathetic warranty. One year parts and labor, when laid up next to say, Sole and Schwinn, who put warranties behind their products that last many years with all of their products…

That is what breaks the deal for me! Give me a good warranty…

Work out some of the flaws, and I’ll just bet that the next group of Epic Ellipticals that come through will give some of the others on the market a real run for their money…

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