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Electric Log Splitters – What Are the Advantages?

As winter approaches…

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As winter approaches, people inevitably begin to think about where they are going to find firewood for heaters, fireplaces, and stoves. In the past, anyone who needed firewood would have to head out with an ax and simply chop the wood, but that was a time consuming and tiring process. Chainsaws are helpful for cutting down trees, but to get the wood into pieces small enough for effective use you really need a log splitter to handle the task. There are several different types of wood splitter, and electric wood splitters are very popular.

Electric Log Splitters

Domestically, electric log splitters are extremely popular because they are very low cost and are very powerful. For industrial work, a petroleum or gas powered log splitter would be necessary, but homeowners can really benefit from using an electric model simply because they are easy to use and are relatively quieter in operation. They are also lighter, which makes them easier to transport and store. It obviously depends on what type of wood you will be cutting and how much, but electric wood cutters will make the job easier and quicker.


As with any heavy machinery, it is extremely important to follow the proper safety procedures when using an electric log splitter. The fact that it is electric means that it can be turned on with the flip of a switch, so always be sure that it is disconnected from a power supply when you are adjusting, cleaning, or going anywhere near the cutting blade. When it is running, it is important to wear goggles to protect your eyes and never put your hands near the blades. It’s easy to suffer an injury when working outdoors, so always keep safety foremost in your mind.


Electric log splitters are smaller than their gas powered or skid steer mounted counterparts, which makes them ideal for domestic use. The average capability is about 7 tons, which is more than enough to complete wood cutting tasks around the house or split firewood for the winter. Harder woods like oak may require a 10 ton model or higher, so you need to know what types of wood you will be splitting most often before making a purchase. These are tons of pressure exerted on the wood when it is being split. Softer woods may even only need around four or five tons to get the job done.

Tips for Use

Typically, you want to make sure that the logs you are splitting are about one foot in diameter and two feet in length for the smaller models of electric wood splitters. This will ensure that the machine is able to handle the task without straining which will give it a longer lifespan. Use a chainsaw to cut large sections of tree down to size and then use the wood splitter for a nice, even cut.

Electric wood splitters really simplify the task of cutting and splitting wood for fireplaces and heaters. Even if you are just trying to move lumber out after clearing a section of land, wood splitters cut down on the amount of work needed.



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