Wood decks require regular maintenance. This is important for homeowners who have already used them. They have to have their decks fixed, painted, and sealed every year or two. Composite decking is getting more and more popular as an alternative to wood decking. So, do we need to seal my home’s composite decking?

Before we answer this. We need to know that these composite decking boards are made of both wood fibers and plastic that can be recycled. Taking a look at how composite decking compares to wood decking. Composite decking is great because it needs little to no upkeep. Composite decking doesn’t need a lot of upkeep to look nice. The only thing you have to do is clean the composite deck regularly. If you want to, you can put a seal on your composite decking. Sealing your composite deck will make it easier to clean and take less time. But you will need to reseal it every so often to keep it looking good over time.

Why sealing composite decking is a good idea

There are a lot of good things about sealing a decorative deck. This method works well with even composite decking. If you seal your composite deck, you won’t have to clean it as often, which will save you time. Because of this, you can also avoid some of the problems that come with mold growth and stains.

Using a sealer on composite decking is also a good way to make the color pop and look better. Due to constant exposure to the sun and corrosion from the environment, composite decks may fade a little bit over time. Putting a sealer on composite decking that has faded can bring it back to its original look.

Bad things about using a sealer

Most companies that make composite materials don’t suggest sealing composite wood decking. There are many good things about sealing composite material, but there are also some bad things. Putting a sealer on a composite deck can void the warranty and make it more expensive to keep up and fix. While it makes cleaning outdoor decks easier. But once you start cleaning, the deck will need to be resealed often to keep it looking good. Not only will you have to spend more time taking care of the deck, but it will also look worse. But it will also raise the cost of maintenance by a lot.

How to put a finish on a composite deck

Some do-it-yourselfers might like to take care of their outdoor decks. Then, we’ll talk about how to seal a composite deck.

How to clean a composite deck

Before you seal your composite deck, you should make sure the surface is clean. To get rid of any dirt, stains, or mold that may have built up on your deck over time. Keep in mind that any dirt that was left on the composite decking after it was sealed will be “sealed” into the decking material.

You shouldn’t use cleaners that have chlorine bleach in them. This is because chlorine bleach is corrosive, which means that it will damage the composite decking. Which can then cause the composite deck to change color or crack. If you want to use a pressure washer, you need to know how to protect your composite deck from damage.

Choosing a sealer for composite decking

After the composite decking has been cleaned well, the next step is to start the process of sealing it. It is very important to choose the right sealer for your composite deck. Sealers that use water are better for this job than sealers that use solvents. Water-based sealants are better than other types of sealants in two big ways. Unlike solvent-based products, they don’t change the color of the composite decking. Second, they use synthetic resins that make it hard for algae and mold to grow.

Attaching the sealant

While the sealer is still wet, use a brush to get rid of any leftover bits. You can either roll on the sealer or spray it on, but make sure to brush it off after each use. Use a roller to spread the sealer, and then use a brush to move it back into place right away. If you choose to use a spray sealer, you can finish the back-brushing process by using a roller. If the sealant is brushed back into the wood grain, the surface tension of the composite deck will go up. The composite needs to be heated so that it gets more pores and can soak up more sealant.

The coating will last longer if the deck’s surface absorbs more sealer. Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t use too much sealant. If you use more sealant than the composite can absorb, you will have to wipe off the extra. If there is too much sealant left over, it can leave shiny, moving spots on the deck’s surface. To keep things looking clean, you’ll need to wipe away a small amount of extra sealer. Then wait at least a day to make sure it’s completely dry. As soon as the drying process is done, you will be able to use your composite decking.