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Deburring Machine – Its Importance in Safety

If you plan to work …

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If you plan to work with any type of material that is likely to have sharp edges after being cut, you will have to go through the deburring process. A deburring machine helps smooth out the jagged edges of a material after being cut. The materials aren’t limited to just metals. It includes plastic and wood as well. This is not all that is accomplished by deburring. Deflashing and descaling are also a part of the deburring process. Deflashing is removing all excess materials after a part is formed in a mold. Descaling is the removal of oxidation, rust and mill scale. All three of these stages make up the deburring process.

A deburring machine is important to the safety of the workers and the consumers. When working with any type of material, there is always the chance of accidents. This is especially true with metals. When being cut, metals leave very sharp, rigid edges. Deburring eliminates these sharp edges so that the worker can handle it without the chance of getting cut or severely injured because of it. The same thing is true for deflashing. Removing excess materials makes the parts safer to handle. With descaling, removing rust means the parts are healthier and will last longer.

If these materials are properly cared for during all stages of manufacturing, then the consumer will have less of a problem out of them. They won’t open their box to use the machine and hurt themselves. This lessens the likely even of lawsuits and puts less of a financial strain on the company. Additionally, a deburring machine also helps maintain the safety of other machines. Materials must be deburred before moving on to the next stage in manufacturing. Otherwise the sharp edges could get caught on various parts of other machines. This can result in the breakdown of important machines, which will require time and money to either fix or replace. It can also cause damage to workers who may be operating the machine at the time, or who may just be in the vicinity of the machine.

Clearly, then a deburring machine is a necessity for all companies working with the manufacturing of plastics, metals and wood. In order to keep the deburring process running smoothly, care must be taken to use the proper amount of finishing compound on a regular basis. Machines must also be degreased and cleaned at least once every year.



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