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Create and print your own unique gift tags with a thermal printer

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Using a thermal printer, you can create personalized labels in a range of forms and quickly print different patterns and text, perfect for wrapping presents for friends and family or putting together business gifts. DIY gift tags or custom  sticker labels from a thermal printer are a simple way to add a personal touch to your present giving after the wrapping paper has been discarded. This informative article explains how to make and print unique gift labels.

Materials for making personalized sticker labels:

You’ll need printable labels to get started. The printable labels for packages come in a variety of shapes, like the traditional rectangle labels or circle labels, as well as the more unique egg-shaped and scalloped round ones. For a wider variety of sizes and shapes, you can check out the online selection of personalized gift labels in MUNBYN thermal labels.

Free tools are available for designing and personalizing your gift tags, which you can use whether you choose to print them yourself or have us do it for you. First and foremost, take some free software for making tags, labels, cards, and prints online.

Advice for creating unique gift tags:

There are only two things you can do to get the most out of personalized sticker labels.

First, print a test sheet on plain paper to verify the correct orientation of your design. 

Second, if your printer has a cardstock option, use it for printing tags and cards.

However, thermal label printers are the number one recommendation for printing custom gift tags. 

Initiate by picking a format to work in:

Find the circle template that matches the size of the label you want to print in Design & Print labels. Then select a pre-made design from the gallery or use a blank template to upload your own artwork.

In addition, you can get some ideas and inspiration by perusing online design gallery, which contains some of the most popular layouts. By following the steps below, it’s easy to move and rotate the designs and text that come with the round labels to suit your needs.

Pick a layout:

Choose a template already created or start over by selecting a blank template. The blank template is displayed first, followed by sample layouts that can be customized.

Designs can be viewed by scrolling through them all or by selecting them from the several theme categories in the menu.

Make them unique by adding a fourth step: customizing the tags:

After selecting a layout, the editing workspace will zoom in on the selected tag. Many already-made layouts can be used “as-is” or modified to suit your needs.

To make it simple for you to make unique gift tags, we’ve included blank spaces in several premade templates. However, it is also possible to make adjustments to a template that has already been created.

Preview, print, and save:

Review your layout by selecting it and then clicking Preview & Print. On the right, you’ll find a basic preview of your whole sheet of custom tags, as well as two other printing options: DIY Printing or Have It Customized Printing.

To get a copy printed on your personal printer, select the Print It Yourself option. The button to “Get PDF to Print” and other advanced printing options will appear. The PDF can be downloaded immediately, or you can use the more sophisticated printing options.


To top off any present, a personalized gift tag is the way to go. With thermal printers and Print Online templates, labels can be made and printed for free. MUNBYN currently has a variety of thermal printers and thermal labels for sale that are great for printing exclusive gift tags. You can get the best results by printing your own labels at home or in the office with MUNBYN products.

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