Scottsdale, Arizona, is a popular patio home destination for residents and visitors alike. The desert-like climate and beautiful landscapes make it an ideal place for people to relax and enjoy the Arizona sunshine. With warm weather prevailing most of the year, the city is a lovely place to call home.

One of the friendliest climates in the nation may be found in the city, which is located near Phoenix. It has a reputation as a top location for outdoor life. As a result, patio homes and other outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in the city. If you are looking to buy a house in the city, Scottsdale patio homes for sale are worth considering.

What do Patio Houses Mean?

A patio home is a house with a covered outdoor area instead of enclosed living space. This house style features an ample outdoor space, usually surrounded by a wall, where the homeowner can relax, entertain guests and enjoy the outdoors. It is ideal for those who want to maximize their outdoor space without sacrificing the inside area needed to live in a house.

Most patio homes are single-family homes, but some have been converted into apartments or other uses, such as retail spaces or businesses. They are commonly found in warm climates where the outdoors are often the main form of entertainment and where there is plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors without being too far from the indoors.

Patio homes have certain traits:

  • Due to their proximity, patio houses are occasionally called cluster homes. Because of the clustering, each patio home may be as large as possible given the limited land it is situated on.
  • Patio houses are always zero-lot-line residences, meaning that at least one edge of the building touches the boundary of the lot. The structures take up the majority of the space. This explains why patio houses are constructed so closely together.
  • The houses are constructed larger at the expense of the size of the yard, as opposed to being built smaller to allow for more space for a yard.
  • Patio houses are more reasonably priced than comparable-sized homes on acres due to the smaller lot sizes.

Advantages of Patio Homes:

  • Patio houses often cost less than conventional single-family homes with larger lots if one hopes to spend a little less on the first down payment.
  • Living in a patio home community is an excellent benefit for those who want to get to know their neighbors.
  • A patio home’s design frequently provides a more accessible choice.

Who Would Benefit from Patio Homes?

Scottsdale patio homes for sale are often appropriate for smaller families, such as empty nesters, seniors, and couples that don’t require a lot of room because of their compact size. These houses allow their owners to enjoy home ownership without the expensive costs.

Additionally, these houses are fantastic for first-time homebuyers who want to enter the housing market but do not want to spend the higher price of standalone homes in the neighborhood.


Scottsdale has some of the country’s most impressive and luxurious outdoor spaces, featuring everything from sprawling resorts and private golf clubs to stunning public parks and unique shopping experiences worldwide.

At a median listing price of $925K, the city presently has 1469 houses for sale that match the patio. Hence, if you are looking for patios in Scottsdale, the above guide will help you find a suitable one.