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Christmas Flag: How To Make a Garden Flag

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Are you ready to make a Christmas flag? 

Home and garden decor are all the rage. The homemade decor is also at an all-time high. People want unique decorations to showcase how much they enjoy unique forms of self-expression.

Flags are one of the hottest outdoor home decorations. They work well on their own, or they can be added to a flag garden. If you want to make the best Christmas flag, and you’re unsure where to start, then read on.

Gathering the Supplies

So, what is a Christmas flag?

Christmas flags are adorned with festive decorations that are often hung outside of homes during the holiday season. Flags may feature symbols such as snowmen, reindeer, evergreen trees, Christmas lights, and of course, Santa Claus.

Gathering the supplies needed to make a Christmas garden flag is the first step in this creative project. You will need a piece of burlap, a piece of white felt, red fabric paint, and a stencil of choice. You can find pre-made stencils online and in craft stores.

In addition, you will need a kitchen brush, scissors, and craft glue. The kitchen brush is for applying the paint, the scissors are for cutting out the stencil, and the craft glue is for affixing the stencil to the burlap fabric.

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies before you start the project to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Sewing the Christmas Flag

Follow these step-by-step instructions for sewing a Christmas flag in your yard. Begin by measuring out two pieces of fabric – one 8” by 12” and one 30” by 36”.

Cut out the two pieces and lay them out with the smaller one on top of the larger one, right sides together. Then, sew three sides of the flag with a ⅜” seam allowance and leave one side open.

Turn the flag right side out and press the seams. Lastly, hem the open side, leaving a ⅝” allowance before stitching the edges compètely. 

Choosing Decorative Details

Start by designing your garden flag with holiday shapes, images, and colors. You can use paint, paper, fabric, ribbon, and other items to decorate your flag.

For fabric, use 100% cotton, blend fabric, or dye-sublimation fabric, which is a great way to get more vibrant colors. Before adhering to your decorations, use a hot glue gun, fabric glue, or a needle and thread.

Make sure each decoration has a proper surface on the flag to attach it.

Displaying the Finished Flag in Your Garden

Choose a stake that can support the weight of the flag and use a square knot to tie the flag onto it. Allow the knot to slip loose so it can move with the breeze and add to the festive atmosphere in the garden.

Whether you make it yourself or purchase one ready-made, you’ll enjoy the charm and elegance a Christmas garden flag adds to your holiday season.

Design Your Christmas Flag Today

This Christmas garden flag project is truly versatile and can make a great addition to any outdoor space. With a simple craft project and ribbons, fabric, or felt, you can easily make a unique flag that will stay vibrant and colorful even during the cold winter months. Add a festive touch to your yard this season and make yourself a unique garden Christmas flag.

Get started crafting and make your beautiful flag today!

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