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Caring For Goldfish

Goldfish are tuff fi…

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Goldfish are tuff fish that can live in conditions that would quickly kill other types of pet freshwater fish. A lot of people bring home goldfish believing they do not have to do anything but feed them. That is wrong! Following a few easy tips you can make sure your goldfish are happy and healthy. The main points to think about are habitat or the tank, water quality, diet and water temperature. Taking proper care of your goldfish will allow it to grow to full size, have brilliant colors and live a long happy active life giving you years of pleasure watching your fish.

A goldfish living in a fish bowl is the same as a person living in a prison cell. Fish bowls are generally to small and do not allow for proper filtration or oxygenation. A tank or pond are your best options. I suggest you get the largest tank or pond that you can because bigger is better for you to look at and also better for the fish. The decorations that you put in the tank are mostly for looks so get things that complement the bright colors of the goldfish.

Your filter and tank maintenance schedule will take care of the water quality. Compared to most other pet fish goldfish are big and messy. I take five minutes once a week to clean my tank. First I clean any algae off the glass with a sponge, you can get special tools from the pet store for this if you want. Then with a siphon I clean the gravel and change about one third of the water. Change your filter media only as needed and follow the instructions that came with the filter because they are all a little different. Keeping the water clean will solve ninety percent of all potential goldfish problems.

Next to water quality diet is the most important thing to think about. The food that you buy should be specially formulated for goldfish specifically. Goldfish are omnivores and need a balanced diet that is different than most other pet fish. Most fish food on the market is dried, either flakes or pellets. I recommend the pellets because the fish have an easier time eating them. The flakes tend to scatter around the tank and sink before the fish eat it all. Dry food can loose its vitamin content so it is best to supplement their diet with treats of cooked vegetables and even worms. Feed your fish three or four times a day. Naturally fish graze on plants and bugs all day long so it is best to give them more than just one big meal a day.

Temperature is important. A goldfish will grow faster and be more active in warm water then in cold water. When in cold water their metabolism slows down. In my aquarium I have a heater but only use it in the winter to fool the fish into thinking it is summer all year round. Twenty four degrees Celsius is perfect, the fish are active and seam very happy. You can even breed your goldfish by manipulating your tank temperature. Goldfish breed in the spring so lowering the water temperature for a few weeks then raising the temperature back up will trick the fish into breeding.

Goldfish are a great choice for a pet fish because they are tuff and resilient. I can not think of another type of pet, including any other type of fish that is easier to take care of. All you have to do for your goldfish is set up a proper tank or pond and take care of their basic needs. Keeping the aquarium and water clean only takes a few minutes a week and will give your fish a long happy healthy life and will give you hours of pleasure watching your big active beautifully colored fish.