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Car models with the most convenient electronics

Cars are now equippe…

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Cars are now equipped with so much advanced technology, that it’s like they’re going to be sent to Mars. If you want to get rid of your old car and buy a new car with a set of useful features, we can help you. We buy junk cars all over the USA, so you can get rid of your vehicle very quickly and without problems.

TOP 10 car models that are equipped with driver-friendly features

Innovative technologies not only make everyday life easier but also improve the experience of using cars. We will consider vehicles that offer drivers the best solutions for comfortable driving.

1. Audi Q7

Personalization is the main trend in recent years. Moreover, Q7 takes the concept of personalization to a new level.

After spending some time exploring the complex menu, you’ll learn how to select the parking sensor mode, turn on traffic alerts, or display fuel-efficient driving tips on the dashboard. This is just a small part of the features that are hidden inside this infotainment system. Moreover, the car is equipped with Virtual Cockpit technology.

2. BMW X7

Gestures, indirect voice commands, and a whole menu section are designed to make you feel comfortable and great. All these features are installed in the X7, whose infotainment system runs on BMW OS 7.0.

The owners of this car noted that it is nice to relax after a working day and freshen up in the morning before a long trip in the car. This is due to the fact that Caring Car has its own massage programs, climate control settings, and background lighting.

In addition, drivers appreciated the welcome animation on the center display, the ability to pre-heat and cool the interior, and the assisted driving view.

Assisted Driving View uses data from multiple driver assistance systems and augmented reality to display a 3D visualization of the environment on the dashboard.

3. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Reliable and affordable: that’s what drivers say about the Trailblazer. The base price of around $20,000 includes an impressive range of advanced features and an infotainment system that you can use to pay at select stores and cafes. Such functions are of critical importance in the post-pandemic era.

You can also make an appointment or call the service center in case of an emergency and read the e-manual on the center console.

However, the console still has plenty of physical buttons and switches to make it easier to use.

4. Ford Escape

If you are an artist or you perceive information through sight, then Escape (also known as Kuga) is made for you. According to experts, the tablets installed in the model with high resolution, transparency, and glare-free deserve the highest rating: data from the dashboard and infotainment system are read without problems.

Ford Sync 3 supports Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and is equipped with Amazon Alexa and Waze GPS.

A set of electronic security systems Co-Pilot360 is the main feature of the SUV. It includes ACC, Lane Keeping, and Evasion Steering Assist which are used to avoid cars that are slowing down or coming to a stop.

5. Hyundai Sonata

The owners of this car say that the push-button gearbox selector, a simple infotainment system, and a central display that can be divided into three functional parts, bring the Hyundai Sonata closer to the best representatives of the premium segment that it has not yet reached.

Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) is among the features. It allows you to park the car, standing on the side with a key (even digital). Depending on the equipment level, the model is equipped with a smartphone-compatible system with built-in GPS and voice control.

6. KIA Seltos

You start interacting with Seltos even before you get into it. The gorgeous appearance and bright colors evoke positive emotions.

Kia’s infotainment system is said to be one of the best in its segment. Seltos has the best user-friendly interface with intuitive and easy-to-use controls.

The Nature app creates a special atmosphere in 6 scenarios: a snowy village, a lively forest, a calm sea, a rainy day, an outdoor cafe, and a warm fireplace.

7. Subaru Legacy

The Legacy is highly acclaimed for its Volvo-like vertically-mounted infotainment system and DriverFocus, which recognizes faces and saves five separate profiles with seating positions and climate control settings.

The list of useful features includes Wi-Fi, USB, and ACC with adjustable acceleration after a complete stop.

8. Toyota Highlander

The car is equipped with Entune 3.0 and unlike its previous versions, it runs Linux (not Blackberry QNX) and has several interface options. It can also connect to a cloud database and use traffic and weather information.

Driver-assistance features include ACC, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic detection when reversing out of a parking lot, and collision avoidance with automatic braking.

9. Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

The Atlas is equipped with ACC with a full stop function that works at 37,28 miles/hour and Lane Keep that recognizes lane markings even when turning.

Car Net provides even more diverse options. Using a special application, the car driver can remotely start the engine and close the doors, determine the location of the vehicle and check the remaining fuel data. Moreover, through this application, the driver can access a full auto diagnostic report, as well as roadside assistance if necessary.

10. Mercedes-Benz CLA

Vibrant colors, extensive customization options, and a host of truly “friendly” MBUX features make the Mercedes-Benz CLA one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market.

There are no questions for assistants either: Distronic cruise control can automatically change lanes with the support of a blind spot monitoring system, and a speed limiter, referring to maps and road signs, will help save on fines. However, the top feature is augmented reality navigation, which embeds visual cues with turn signals and house numbers directly into the front camera stream.


There are enough decent cars on the market that will make you feel comfortable and safe on the road. When choosing a car, it is recommended to focus on your own needs and budget. If you’re still not getting rid of your old car, JunkCarsUs can help you speed up the process. The company buys old, broken, drowned cars at an adequate price.