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Ashley Reeves – Age, Kids, husband, and Net Worth

Ashley Reeves is a f…

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Ashley Reeves is a famous character in America who was a target of crime. On 27 April 2006, an effort was made to Ashley Reeves’ existence by an instructor whose name is Sam Shelton. Who was eventually found dead in a garden in Belleville, later stifle to death? Ashley was gift to evade destroy in the strike. Ashley reeves story stab her into the community eye. she was faced with the awful slaughter of her previous teacher Sam Shelton, In 2006. Moreover, her actual combat describes in the movie ‘Left for Dead.’ Now we will know about Ashley’s whole life story, and Ashley reeves injuries all information. Keep reading.

Ashley Reeves Biography

Ashley was born in 1983, and Her birthplace is Illinois, Belleville, States of USA. She is presently thirty-three years old & a Capricorn. and Michelle Reeves is her mom, & Tracy Green is her dad. Additionally, Ashley has a sister, Madison & a brother, Daniel. Moreover, she ended her education in the States USA, attending high school, primary school,& college. Reeves has five feet seven inches in height. Likewise, she has almost 65 k in weight.

On the other hand, her eyes colour is blue, & her hair colour is brown. Likewise, she also has a shoe size 6. Additionally, there’s no info regarding her material stats. Moreover, now, Reeves is married. Consequently, in 2006, she matched John. Then she has two children, Though each victim has preserved her personal life private. Moreover, she also had a beloved named Danny. When she was 17, he punished her with a swear ring.

  • Full Name: Ashley Reeves
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Gender: Female
  • Husband: John
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Father: Tracy Green Koenig
  • Kids: 2
  • Mother: Michelle Reeves
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Siblings: Two
  • Eye Color: Blue


Ashley is a famous crime target in United America. Moreover, In 2006, after exiting an attempted slaying of her tutor, Sam Shelton. She suffocates and left in a garden in Belleville. Then After a painful struggle for life & death stretching thirty hours. Ashley was capable of dragging through. After a while, Reeves was drop in Belleville Park. Throughout her time, while a student at a similar high school like Sam Shelton, Reeves made companionship with him. who could later turn into the passion of her existence.

The bond between the teachers and students becomes intense. The authorities found Ashley with a broken neck & an injury. And she was cold & no respiration when they saw her. Samson Shelton, a school instructor, is twenty-six years old and was seize, & the investigation into his check cause the listen of command against Shelton by the cops. Samson Shelton registered a guilty appeal to the blame of tried murder in 2007 & was punish with a prison term of 20 years.

Murder Attempt on Ashely Reeves?

When she was found, then Shelton was capture. Then He was allow bail & put on shelter arrest for one year, except a trial. Throughout that year, Sam attempted to commit self-murder. When the Medic took him to his home, they saw him by a self-spell Do Not Resuscitate’, mark on his breast. in 2007, As report by CBS News, Shelton make a plea contract accept by Ashley,s family & the Region Attorney’s Office. and His mom, Susan, state they make the plea contract tidy not to extra demonize him & stop him of get a sightly trial.

Ashley reeve’s mom and dad allowed the appeal deal to grant their daughter an extent of calm from the disturbing event. Moreover, He was finally sentence to 20 years in jail after imploring guilty to tried felony murder. Furthermore, he made a commotion within the curative facility by building racial charges. As well as that, a judge of the regional court stated concern concerning his psychic health. Although he provides with a chance, he refuse to discuss justice or even apologize to the human who had the target of his move.

Ashley Survived a dangerous situation

Ashley reeves survivor of a monstrous assassination tries on her existence by his instructor, Samson Shelton. Moreover, She falls in love with her schoolteacher, & the teacher’s affair with his schoolchild deteriorates drastically. & they started fighting, & Samson tried to murder her. However, she escaped. Ashley reeve’s crime was much more horrible, in which she survived a tried murder of her schoolteacher, Sam Shelton. On 27 April 2006, he was stifl to death, & later left in a park. Ashley reeves the survivor of thirty hours of the painful fight between Life & Death.

Ashley reeves sam Shelton in primary school, & the two ultimately started dating. Sam, the teacher, was a spa coach & a professional boxer. In February 2006, They reconnected. 2 months earlier, she had lost. When authorities found out Ashley had hurt shock, her neck broke, & she was not breath. But, police started an inquiry into Samson,s arrest. Samson indict with trie murder & sentence to twenty years in jail in 2007.

Moreover, She gained repute from Ashley reeves story. Furthermore, the movie “Left for Dead”. The Ashley reeves story represents Ashley’s actual-life combat. It is since the remarkably accurate report of an ordinary young girl. Who confronted death 3 times? 1st in the forest, then in the infirmary, & at last in a court of law.

Ashley Reeves, the attack motive

Based on the movie “Left For Dead”, The Ashley Story, Sam tries to expel Reeves from the auto after it turns transparent, and she considers they complete a slip by being familiar. Sam’s manipulative move, cloaked as a troubled stomach, seduced Ashley to his home, where they turned intimate. Sam’s discussion with the cops note that he requires to finish the relationship. Though, Reeves refused it while trying to get her away from the car. Therefore, he applied a stranglehold on reeves to get her away from the vehicle. When she became comatose, he understood he’d grabbed her neck. Moreover, he pulled her into the forest, stopped her from his belt, & strangled her from his hands while the confusion.

Ashley reeves were left inanimate by Sam, who buried her in the wood with trash and leaves. On the other hand, Shelton escaped the commotion after the crime & got out dancing. Following a 12-hour inquiry during which Shelton turned his story many times. Although, the note of his granny brought him toward his knees & obliged him to accept it. Moreover, Then he guided the inquirer to Ashley reeves injuries photos and her body in Townsman Park. He has discovered just 12 min from reeves home. Furthermore, Reeves was found thirty hours after she assails, unconscious & severely Ashley reeves injuries but a quiet breath.

Ashley Reeves Recovery

Samson, Ashley’s teacher, tried to kill her terribly. However, Ashley managed to run away from the condition alive. She expanded romantic feelings in favour of her teacher, Samson, which substantially deteriorated the teacher’s affair with his student. & a struggle started between them. However, Samson tried to destroy her, though she manage to get away. According to Ashley reeves’ recovery, she is a target of an offence who survive an effort on her schoolmaster’s life. Shelton was the object of the murder attempt. Thus, she was murder by asphyxiation on 27 April 2006. & subsequently drop her body within a garden in Belleville.

Ashley reeves recoveryAshley make it with a terrifying fight between death & life that lasts 30 hours. Ashley built contact of Shelton in school, & soon the 2 of them began dating. Moreover, The teacher, Sam, was a previous professional wrestler & a spa coach. In Feb 2006, They were in communication again. Just two months earlier, she had gone missing. When the government found Ashley reeves. She has an injury; she has a crack in her neck, & she was still not breath when they sought her.

In addition, the police expand an investigation into the catch of 2007, Samson was convicte of tried murder, & receive a conviction of 20 years in prison for his offense. She became famous after publishing her autobiography “Left for Dead.” Moreover, Ashley’s fight in actual life is reveale in the film “Left for Dead”, The Ashley Reeves life Story. However, It is since the unbelievable real story of a typical young girl who arrived dangerously near wasting her life 3 times.