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Are Surround Sound Speakers Good for Music?

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Surround Sound Speakers provide users with the illusion of live hearing. It seems as if the person generating the voice is around you, in the same room. It has multiple purposes, which include watching movies, sports broadcasts, or listening to podcasts or music. While listening to music over the speakers, the person listening to it feels as if they are in the same room, like at the recording place. Soundcore is the best company out there that makes Surround Sound Speakers. 

Below are some reasons why their Flare series speakers are the best for music:

  1. Excellent Sound Quality

These revolutionary speakers use modern technology. The Flare Surround Sound Speakers provide 360-degree, immersive, bass-driven sound using multiple neodymium drivers and bass-thumping radiators, enabling you to feel the sound near you, like the song, is being played right in front of you. The speakers produce up to 20W of power bass, enough to get an entire room dancing on their feet.

  1. Embedded LED Lights

The Surround Sound Speakers by Soundcore bring the light to the party, quite literally. These speakers come equipped with built-in LED lights that dance to your beat. The LED lights are programmed to synchronize with the rhythm of the music. You can also customize the color of the displayed light according to your mood. These speakers are the perfect addition to help light up any room.

  1. Battery Health

Having a battery playtime of 12 hours, the Surround Sound Speakers can last for an entire party or longer. In addition to this, the speakers have ultra-fast charging, with models taking between 2 to 3.5 hours to reach full charge. It means you could have parties all night long, and the speakers would still not die.

  1. Bluetooth on all devices

Another added advantage to owning Surround Sound Speakers is the availability of Bluetooth connections. It ensures that the emitted sound is continuous and crystal-clear. Bluetooth availability allows the device to connect to multiple devices and is compatible with many like iPhones, Android, Laptops, MacBook, and TV, provided they have the Bluetooth facility available.

  1. Portable and Lightweight

These speakers are extremely lightweight, weighing no more than 1.29lbs, making them one of the lightest speakers around. For good measure, they are small and compact, which means they are easy to carry in a small bag or in your hand also. They also have wireless connections, which means no electricity or additional wires are required to connect the devices.

  1. Water-Resistant Technology

Due to the IPX7 water-resistant technology protecting the speakers from water, the Surround Sound Speakers are the perfect companion to any pool party. You can carry these speakers outside during the rain, at the beach, or even inside the water at a depth of 1 foot for 30 minutes.

  1. Multiple speakers at one time

One of the many advantages of having Surround Sound Speakers is that these speakers provide multiple speaker connections to the same device simultaneously. Via the Soundcore application, you can pair all the speakers in the same vicinity together and synchronize them. This way, there will be no crevice in the party that will remain uncovered by music.

  1. Soundcore Mobile Application

The Soundcore mobile application is the perfect way to control the speakers. You can adjust EQ levels using the app. Moreover, you can customize the light displayed by each LED and create color gradients and schemes that change periodically over time.


Therefore, Surround Sound Speakers are the best speakers for music as they are cheap, lightweight, and portable. Besides the aspect of emitting qualitative sound and containing LED lights that can light up any party are the plus points. So, do get yours now.

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