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Archie Heaton: Bio, Parents, Child, Wife, & Net Worth!

Archie Heaton caught…

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Archie Heaton caught the latest concentration on social media, After the start of the series Stranger Things season. People eagerly took concern about knowing further about him & his life. Archie is the son of Charlie Heaton, who acted the character of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix Stranger Things season series. Archie Heaton is an Anglican nature. He was born on May 19th,2014, in England, Britain. archie heaton mom is Akiko Matsuura & his dad is Charlie Heaton. Moreover, His parents are notable as his mom is an Expert Japanese Musician, & his dad is a well-known actor.

Archie Heaton Biography

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Archie born in Great Britain & is the child of Akiko Matsuura & Charlie Heaton. Akiko is one of the best Korean musicians with whom Charlie cooperated before falling in love. Now, he survives with the mom. He is the son of a famous couple, & his mom is familiar with Japan. She is one of the best proficient drummers & musician.

Moreover, Archie has been living with her mom following the couple’s breakup. And Charlie has no obstruction on looking at his child. They are released to meet any moment they choose. However, Archie will keep living with his mom because of his age. Archie is a youth who entered primary school. As the straightforward youngster of the parents. He controls the media’s & family’s top concerns. He is a burly child who realizes how to relish his outdoor pastimes. Her mom clarifies to the reporters how well he has prepared an interest in amusement. He plays basketball & soccer.

  • Real Name: Archie Heaton Matsuura
  • Profession: Child Celebrity
  • Current Living: England, London
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Birth: May 19th, 2014
  • Country: UK
  • Nationality: British

Archie Heaton’s Personal Life

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As we explained in the article, charlie heaton kid Archie. Dad of Archie Heaton expanded to fame after he performed the character of Jonathan Byers in Stranger things. Charlie Heaton lived in Los Angeles because of his stage career. Moreover, Before building fame since an artist. Charlie received a location as drummer and musician. Though we all accept how much followers observe the bias’s private life of British creators & performers through the entire world. & English creators & actors have millions of followers. Now the critical matter of Charlie is that he is losing his & his son charlie heaton archie heaton privacy. Charlie has been raising his child out of the ordinary. A maximum of Charlie’s admirers & fans was not conscious of this actuality until before 2017. Some people heard about Charlie’s motherhood & his son.

Moreover, from when the devotees of Charlie accomplished the truth. They always worry about knowing about Archie Heaton’s mother. Similarly, who is Archie Heaton’s mom & Charlie’s wife? The babe is now doing reserve lessons to his central school education. Moreover, Archie is the just boy of his parents. And He takes split in sports activities & is a good fun baby. Therefore, He additionally plays basketball and soccer.his mom is working rough for her child’s responsibility & her ambition to launch her single. However, she is a much hard-working, responsible, & personal lady. Most of us need to recognize several main issues about her lifestyle. On the other hand, she is also an ideal singer.

Archie Heaton’s Parents Divorced

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Charlie Heaton, the celebrity of “Stranger Things,” falls in the love with the Matsuura, even though they are active together. Moreover, there is little info about their separation or the cause for their wish to conceive a kid together. Neither has revealed any info since Charlie Heaton has constantly been a pressing mystery. However, His followers are ordinary with him but are oblivious to the reason behind their separation. As reported by a reporter, both were youths when they talked & immediately felt a connection.

Moreover, they met while active on a melody for the team Comanechi. They started dating after occupation & soon became parents. Although, their relationship did not be lengthy, & they divorced. It has been years since they split. But they have nevermore thought anything. Their affection life has continued a secret to the community, which will not be solved. Similarly, archie heaton mother Akiko Matsuura is now forty years old. Currently, several people are speaking about age space between these 2 superstars.

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Archie Heaton’s Net Worth

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charlie heaton child Archie has not begun his career, & his existence survived on his mom and dad’s wealth. Additionally, the reporter has no details about wealth resources in his name. However, it is affirmed that he enjoys a prosperous lifestyle. We can evaluate Archie’s net worth depending on his father’s and mother’s net worth because they are twin celebrities. Moreover, Charlie has been fortunate with a growing fortune.

His character as Jonathan Byers, within the “Stranger Things” series, reveals his approximate net worth, about $5 million. However, He gets almost $250,000 for each episode as a salary. At the same time, charlie heaton sons mom Akiko’s net worth is almost $2 million approximately. To terminate, Archie’s net worth is about 1$ million. Therefore, Archie is a bit young for an affair. He has only started his schooling & has a long journey to build his skilled career & seek the love of his life.

Archie Heaton’s father

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Charlie is a musician and English actor; his age is 27 years. But now, he is the best successful actors & artists of eternity, despite his childhood. On the other hand, the networth is evaluated to be almost $5 million. That he obtained from films, appearances, & his melody career. Moreover, He was raised in West York by his mom alone & is entirely a passionate man. He was sixteen years old & working in Greater London as drummer. Charlie start his stage career before his arrival on Stranger Things. In addition, He acted on many casts and a short movie named DCI Banks, Life requires bravery, & Vera.

His professional profession reveals his devotion & how tough he urged to achieve world fame. Moreover, He is presently a successful performer of Stranger Things, which has billions of fans. In 2017, Charlie was cast as the Latest Variation in Marvel film world. Moreover, Other breakthroughs delivered his success. Now, he is acquiring several projects, & you may expect to notice him in plenty of movies & tv series. Although, you will shortly notice him in “Stranger Things”. The teaser was released later, & fans cannot expect to perceive what further is in stock for that season. He is presently dating with the Natalia Dyer, a member of the platform. They dated for a particular time now. It is all right to say that both are in the love.


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This article interests Archie Heaton, his personal life & his family. Moreover, you may also get exciting facts & all the essential details about Archie Heaton. However, He is a superstar kid & just well-known due to his parents, Akiko Matsuura & Charlie Heaton. His dad is a renowned actor & a musician, & his mom is a drum expert & musician in japan. Moreover, he lives with his mother because his parents are split now. However, He does his education & plays games, & he could be a star like his dad.