The popularity of Spanish overseas housing is growing yearly: now, many foreigners want to become owners of an apartment in Torrevieja, a cozy resort town. Such a financial investment in flats in Torrevieja becomes doubly profitable at the same time: such real estate can be used for year-round living, recreation, and renting out because this tourist destination has become popular.

Reasons to buy an apartment in Torrevieja?

In addition to highly liquid real estate, the owner of Spanish housing in Torrevieja receives:

  •     the cleanest beautiful beaches;
  •     the proximity of other major Spanish tourist cities (for example, Benidorm, Alicante);
  •     walking distance to the sea;
  •     maximum warm sunny days per year (320 days): it is not hot in summer and not cold in winter;
  •     the warm, mild Mediterranean climate throughout almost the entire calendar year.

Buying such housing as an apartment is suitable for everyone: children, pensioners, middle-aged people involved in business or creativity, and families – everyone will see the attractive aspects of living or relaxing in Spain. Torrevieja opens itself from different sides for everyone.

General overview of apartments

Spaniards, as well as foreign buyers, highly value apartments in Torrevieja. The high demand for this type of real estate indicates this. At the same time, there are both proposals for a small budget (for example, small studio apartments) and luxurious, expensive high-quality apartments equipped with the latest technology and finished with modern building materials.

The widest range of apartments can be offered in the following areas: Playa del Cura, Centro, Playa de los Locos, El Acequión – Los Náufragos, Nueva Torrevieja – Aguas Nuevas. Two-room apartments remain the most popular, accounting for more than half of all sales. In second place in terms of purchase are residential square meters with three bedrooms. But for a small budget, E-Style Spain is ready to offer cozy one-room apartments in Torrevieja. 

The range of real estate in the catalog is great, but the experienced staff of our organization will help you choose the option that will satisfy all your wishes. The process of acquiring overseas real estate will no longer seem complicated!

Cheap apartments in Torrevieja

Cheap apartments in the Spanish city of Torrevieja are mostly studios and small one-bedroom living spaces. For example, in areas such as Playa del Cura and the central Centro, there are excellent offers for only 23-40 thousand euros. Two-room apartments in Playa del Cura sell for 45-46 thousand.

Buying a home in Nueva Torrevieja, Aguas Nuevas, get ready to pay about forty-eight thousand euros. But if you decide to become a happy owner of a comfortable apartment in Playa de los Locos, you will need to pay approximately 59,000 euros.

Cooperation with our agency will also allow you to receive related services. These include registration of registration, residence permit, and registration of other documents required for a foreigner. Hurry up to buy one of the apartments in Torrevieja while the market is replete with inexpensive offers!

Features of selling apartments

The sale of apartments in the resort town of Torrevieja (Spain) is one of the main activities of E-Style Spain. Properties from developers and owners are located in the company’s catalog so that you can easily search according to the following parameters: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price range, and so on.

By purchasing apartments in Torrevieja with E-Style Spain, you get the following benefits:

  •     saving money;
  •     availability of twenty-kilometer sandy beaches;
  •     the presence of a large diaspora of Russian-speaking residents;
  •     developed infrastructure (shopping and entertainment centers, shops, financial institutions, sports clubs/grounds, and so on).

The terrain in Torrevieja is diverse. There are quiet secluded bays, clean, cozy beaches, rocky shores, healing lakes, and low picturesque mountain ranges. In the presented area, citrus plantations coexist with olive and other trees. Here you can relax and improve your health by saturating the body with vitamins and useful microelements. Please contact experienced and attentive managers for detailed advice on unclear issues.

Real estate market

When choosing a property, you should focus on the area’s features. The city’s central zone is quite compact and is located near the harbor, Constitution Square, and the main church. Real estate in the central regions is cheaper but often requires renovation. Modern residential complexes dominate the southern part of the city. If the purpose of the purchase is housing for personal use, you should consider buying a house or villa in a quiet area of ​​the city or suburb. Suppose you set yourself the goal of acquiring an object with subsequent leasing. In that case, it is worth considering lively areas with a more developed resort infrastructure, all amenities, and proximity to the beach.

Spanish property

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