Friday, March 31, 2023
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Alternatives to self-defense keychains for personal protection

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Are you not a big fan of the self defense keychains? Are you on the hunt for some other popular safety tools? No worries we got you covered! There are plenty of portable safety tools that we will bring to your attention today.

Every self-defense tool may it be a taser, pepper spray, or even a keychain requires basic self-defense training. Buying these tools without having any proper training is not a good idea.

Although we will be discussing the likes of pepper spray, taser, high beam flashlights, and a walking can in detail. Make sure, that you go through basic self-defense training before using these tools in emergencies.

Pepper spray:

Pepper spray has the qualities of hot pepper. When sprayed in the face it causes intense burning in the eyes, nose, and throat. The intensity of burning cannot be explained in words. There is such a huge impact on the attacker that he is unable to even breath properly.

Personal emergency alarm:

Looking for a self defense keychain that will surprise your attacker? There is nothing better than a high-quality personal alarm. The alarm emits high-pitched loud sounds that distract the attacker. The attacker gets terrified by the sudden loud sound and chooses to run away. The alarms are typically operated by pulling a pin which is quite easy.

So, if you are low on budget and want reliable self-defense tools a personal alarm might be a good option for you.

Electric taser:

A taser is highly effective in paralyzing the attacker for a brief period. Tasers can be used to paralyze the attacker allowing you to escape. However, a good quality taser might be a little expensive so make sure that you only buy a high-quality taser even if it costs a lot of bucks.

Moreover, some states might also have legal laws on citizens carrying tasers. Having a brief overview of the laws of carrying self-defense tools is a must.

Strong beam flashlight:

There are specialized flashlights with an intense beam that can easily disorient an attacker. A simple flashlight might not be that effective when it comes to deceiving an attacker. You need this special flashlight that will cause temporary blindness to your attacker.

In this way, escape options will open for you that you should choose. You can run away from the attacker while also yelling for help at some times. Make sure that you can communicate the incident to the authorities as soon as possible.

Walking cane:

A self defense tool shouldn’t be a complex tool. Sometimes similar equipment can be a great choice for a self-defense instrument. A walking cane is an effective option to neutralize an attacker in emergencies.

The cane should be used to attack the vulnerable areas of the attacker such as the knees, face, and groin. Surely, this will surprise the attacker and he will be fleeing away even in the first instant.

Some last words:

It depends on your background in self-defense training and your temperament when it comes to choosing a self defense tool. The instruments that we have discussed all have their benefits and strengths. The taser, flashlight, pocketknife, and pepper spray are all good options on their own. What matters is your peace of mind and personal preference when it comes to a self defense keychain.

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