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Alternative Fuel – Most Conducive For Environment

The environmental co…

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The environmental concerns and the fear of energy shortage through out the world have raised questions on the blind use of conventional fuels. So scientists world over have concentrated their efforts to find out ways and means to produce alternative fuel also known as non conventional fuel.

All the materials other than conventional sources of energy that can be used as energy sources are called alternative energy sources. They are environment friendly and produce less pollution in comparison to convention energy sources. Some of the most popular non conventional fuels are bioalcohol, biodiesel, fuel cells and batteries, vegetable oil, non fossil natural gas, non fossil methane gas and electricity generated through chemicals an biomas energy.

The fuel is basically a form of energy. Nowadays the demand for the sustainable fuel is increasing day by day. This is due to the fact that the sources of conventional fuel are limited and so depending solely on these sources would create an energy crisis in the future. Besides, conventional energy sources are detrimental to the environment and produce greater amount of pollution. On the other hand alternative energy sources producing fuel are called green sources as they are less hazardous to the environment and therefore safe for the future of human civilization.

In addition to it non convention sources of fuel are renewable and there is fear of their shortage. Thus they provide some kind of energy security to the mankind.

But producing fuels through biomass, stored electricity, hydrogen energy, wind and geothermal energy is not very easy. This is an era of huge amount of energy consumption and the demand for it growing day by day. But meeting this growing demand through these fuels is not possible as cost of production is very high. Moreover, such fuel needs some specific geophysical features that are not available in every country. Although production of fuel through biomass, biogas is easy and less costly. But its amount is almost negligible. On the other hand energy produced through tidal wave, wind power, solar power, hydro power and geothermal is very costly and troublesome also.

In spite of this fact there is a world wide consensus the usability of the alternative fuel because it will solve two burning questions at a time. First, it would help minimize the severity of the effects of global warming and green house effect. Second, the process of depletion of the gas and petroleum would be slower if the production of the green fuel increases. The number of green fuel run automobiles is increasing day by day and dependency on the conventional fuel sources is going down. It will be a boon for the human beings if the future production of this fuel goes up to the expected level.



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