Our homes and business areas need to be refreshed and updated from time to time. There might be various issues that can occur expectedly or unexpectedly in your place. However, you can resolve the issue by applying a new coat of paint. This could be one of the least expensive methods to resolve renovation issues.

Sometimes, due to weather or sometimes due to a long duration of time, the walls of the home get scuffed and stained. Applying paint will instantly change the home’s or commercial building’s appearance, making them more beautiful and refreshed.

If you are also going through the same situation and are willing to hire someone who can repaint your area with the proper expertise, this post is for you. You must be willing to hire the best services. Hiring a professional commercial painting contractor will be the best choice as they are the most efficient and reliable way to get a fine-quality finish that will last long. Finding the best painting contractor will be a great help to you. Your search process may include more than a Google search or making a few phone calls.

Here is the list of mistakes you should avoid while hiring a painting contractor:

Hiring an Inexperienced Painter

This is true to some extent that every new business deserves its first chance. However, you cannot risk hiring a painting contractor who has recently opened its business. This is why hiring someone with good years of painting experience in the field would be great. Also, ensure they can professionally paint different buildings and surfaces. They may have previous experience with another company to compensate for the newly formed business.  

Hiring the Cheapest Contractor

It is wise to save money, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. It is not necessary to hire the most expensive painting contractor, but at the same time, don’t hire those also who are offering services at very low prices. Hiring low-price services may result in some inferior paint products or shortcuts.

Lack of Communication

It is generally advised that you maintain proper communication with your painting contractor, and in case you are not in touch with your painting contractor, this might create a problem. You cannot expect that they will answer your call immediately, but atleast within a certain duration, they will respond to you. Professional residential painting contractor communicate details of their process and the steps required to carry out the painting work. This conversation will include complete details like the start date, estimated completion date, the quantity of paint used, etc. These details will be mentioned in the contract and will also be communicated to you.

Doing no research on ratings and reviews

Before hiring any painting contractor, ensure they are accredited and in a good position. You can visit their official website or any portal to check their ratings and reviews. This research might help you get an idea about the working strategy of the company. Also, you will understand the reputation of the company. Generally, reputable painting contractors are also members of famous painting associations, from where they have received training and updates.

Not Checking References

Once you have received a list of references, follow up. Be patient with the complete process. Invest your time in asking about their work, professionalism, timeliness, and cleanliness. You can even connect with the contractors’ last few clients for feedback. In addition, you can have references from clients who have had the same task done.

Not asking for a written contract

A painting contract is an essential part when it comes to hiring a painting contractor for your place. A painting contract will consist of a systematic list of expectations and specifics of a painting job. This is why it is suggested that when you hire a painting contractor, sign a contract. This contract will contain all the particular aspects of the painting job and the expectations and responsibilities of both the painter and the customer.

Making complete payment before the job completion

Never make the complete payment before the job completion. Beware of painting contractors who have a policy of collecting the entire payment before the work is completed. You do not want to be left with an empty wallet and half-completed paint.


Hiring a professional painting contractor can be a big and important decision. Irrespective of your choice, like hiring for interior or exterior painting help or hiring for residential or commercial buildings, clearing your queries first can make your project much smoother. You can connect with Best Overland Park Painters-a regular painting service provider company, to get a professional painter and resolve all your painting-related queries.