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8 Ways to Up Your Jewelry Style (2022)

Many people, and gen…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-10-27

Many people, and genders, have a soft spot in their hearts and wardrobes for beautiful pieces of jewelry. It can either elevate or completely demolish an ensemble. You’ve probably seen a lot of jewelry businesses selling high-quality pieces throughout your travels. 

Each and every lady in Melbourne knows exactly where to go to purchase the finest jewelry, be it an antique necklace from an internet jewelry store or a piece of custom jewelry crafted by Holdsworth Bros.

Even if you have a large collection of jewelry, you still need to learn how to properly wear each piece. To assist you in your journey, I have compiled a list of eight jewelry styling principles that every woman should know. Let’s check it out.

1. Have a Foundational Education in Accessorizing

It’s important to master basic style and accessorizing techniques before venturing into more experimental territory. The best way to learn the ins and outs of jewelry style is to consult the many guides and video tutorials provided by various styling gurus. You can learn how to confidently wear jewelry by exploring various color combinations, jewelry styles, dressing methods, layering, and accessorizing.

2. Learn How to Accessorize for an Occasion 

Picking and selecting the appropriate jewelry is the key to completing any look. You must learn what combinations work best. You might be under the impression that accessorizing with jewelry is a herculean task. However, once you start experimenting with jewelry, you’ll see that you can’t just throw on any old pieces of gold chains with any outfit.

Consider the event or occasion you will be attending before deciding on an item of jewelry to wear. You may avoid drawing too much attention to yourself while still standing out from the crowd by accessorizing your outfit with the appropriate jewelry. When accessorized properly, even the smallest necklace can make a huge fashion statement.

There are two methods to complement an outfit with jewelry. It’s up to you to pick which comes first: the piece of jewelry or the outfit and then accessorize accordingly. Either way, you’ll learn the finest ways to decorate the jewelry if you spend some time playing around with it.

3. Experiment with Jewelry Stacking Combinations

As beautiful as jewelry can be, there are occasions when more is needed. Necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings of varying lengths, textures, shapes, and colors should be layered in such situations.

If you want to layer necklaces, wear them at varying lengths to draw attention to your features. You can make your bracelets and bangles jingle and dance with every step you take by stacking several of them on top of one another in a variety of styles.

Stacks of rings of varying styles allow for limitless permutations and combinations. When you have more than one ear piercing, you’ll need to try on a variety of earrings, ear cuffs, and studs before settling on the perfect combination.

4. Don’t go Overboard 

Layered necklaces can serve as attention-grabbing focal points without the need for additional jewelry such as bracelets or earrings. If you’re trying too hard with your outfit, don’t go overboard with the jewelry.

The art of jewelry styling requires knowing when to quit. Having confidence in your decision to wear a singular piece of jewelry is probably all that is required. You need not pile on every single item of jewelry in your collection. The elegance of an evening gown can be amplified by the addition of complementary jewelry.

5. Jewelry Care is a Top Priority

You should take special care while selecting your earrings because they are the jewelry item that will be seen most frequently. Experiment with various earring styles, colors, and sizes to discover the perfect complement to your wardrobe. Earrings that clash with your facial shape, skin tone, hair color, or eye color will make you look older and sickly like tanzanite stud earrings make you look elegant. The shape of your face can tell you a lot about the jewelry that will look best on you. When picking up earrings from the necklace shop, keep in mind that you want them to draw attention to your face.

6. Pick Your Centerpiece for an Ensemble 

Your face, wrists, and neck are just a few examples of these various emphasis points. You can then select the jewelry to best accentuate that area of your body. If you want to draw attention to your face, for instance, you can do so by donning a bolder pair of earrings and going for something more understated for your neck and wrists. The key to creating the perfect jewelry look is locating these focus spots.

It’s also important to think about whether you want your jewelry or your outfit to steal the show. Even a simple garment can be transformed into a show-stopper when paired with a stunning piece of jewelry. However, if you’re wearing a daring outfit, it’s best to stick to understated, smaller jewelry items.

7. Try Some Personalized/Custom Jewelry

Unique in their allure, pieces of custom jewelry are very special. Personality shines through in a piece of custom jewelry because it is unique to you. Custom jewelry is a great way for dancers and artists of all stripes to express their individuality. This is why so many famous people nowadays get their own unique pieces of designer jewelry designed just for them. Holdsworth Bros offers bespoke jewelry for those in Melbourne who need an extra touch of class for an upcoming event.

8. Don’t Rely on Popular Trends

The general public’s preference for clothing styles is greatly impacted by the latest fashion trends. It’s fine to take cues from popular styles, but you shouldn’t allow them to control your wardrobe completely. In spite of the ebb and flow of fashion, your classic sense of style and unshakeable self-assurance will always be appreciated. For this reason, it is crucial to learn what works best for you and how to incorporate current fashion trends into your existing sense of style. Avoid compromising who you truly are in favor of following the latest trends.

Maintain a sense of progression in your personal style that allows you to feel good about yourself and expresses your unique identity. Of course, you should feel confident in your choice of clothing and jewelry, regardless of the criticism you may receive. 

Don’t forget this when picking your accessories. Never go too far with a trend; while trying out a new piece of jewelry, wear what looks best on you. Keep in mind that self-assurance is the most valuable accessory you may possess.