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7 Reasons to Pick Concrete Resurfacing Over Sealing

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You might have heard over and over about concrete sealing. And as you were told, sealing is very important for your concrete floors. However, it might not be a good fit for your needs. Perhaps, you should be going for concrete resurfacing over sealing. 

So, what is concrete resurfacing, how is it different from sealing, and why do you need it? So many questions! 

Let’s dig into it, then. 

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Floors are one of the most striking features in every home. And concrete floors, no matter their durability, tend to get cracked and discoloured after some years. 

When that happens, many homeowners go for concrete sealing in Geelong. However, concrete resurfacing is the right one. 

Resurfacing is a holistic makeover that gives major surface correction while adding colour, texture, and even pattern if necessary. Concrete resurfacing is the process of adding a decorative coating to an existing concrete surface. 

Rather than beginning from scratch and rebuilding a whole surface, this method helps make an old concrete surface appear brand new without breaking the budget.

The whole process of resurfacing begins with the preparation of the floor, which involves concrete grinding. 

How is Resurfacing Different from Sealing?

People often confuse resurfacing with sealing. But they couldn’t be more different. 

Sealing is a quick and low-cost solution to refurbish your driveway. It can be used to provide colour and protection, but it will not disguise flaws like cracks. 

On the other hand, resurfacing is a major surface correction while adding colour, texture, and even pattern.

So, the health of your existing concrete will play a significant role in your decision. For instance, if your concrete driveway is weather-beaten and unsightly, a complete makeover as concrete resurfacing is your best bet. 

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is one of the most sought-after methods for home improvement. And it is, of course, for justified reasons. 

1. Affordable

Though we want it to be different, the cost is always a prime factor in every decision. So, the affordability of concrete resurfacing is the top benefit we should consider. 

The best thing is that it prevents you from incurring exorbitant expenses that come with a total replacement. It is also significantly less expensive because of the need for less equipment, materials, and labour.

2. Customisation

The second factor is the ability to personalise. Resurfacing helps you to breathe new life into your old concrete with creative finishes for a more personalised feel to your flooring, driveways, or other concrete surfaces. 

So, the resurfacing method is especially useful for people who wish to personalise old properties they have purchased. 

3. Easy Execution

Construction work is difficult and inconvenient, so many people avoid it no matter how much they need it. It’s the same with full concrete replacement. However, concrete resurfacing is different. It is a fairly simple technique. 

The installation process should take one to four days, based on the scale of the area. You don’t have to wait for weeks to access your driveway, garage, or other surfaces.

4. Resilience and Added Value

Concrete resurfacing uses materials that are extremely durable, and some are even stain-resistant. The nicest part about this whole process is that your new concrete surface will endure far longer than your present surface.

And now that your concrete is tough enough, its strength can help it endure for a longer time. Typically, it should last up to fifty years if done correctly. It will also increase the value of your property if you decide to sell it.

5. Safety

Fall risks are more likely in concrete that has pits and fissures. Bacteria, mould, and moss can also develop in shallow pits. If these are your concerns, concrete resurfacing is your answer. It would not only improve your floor’s appearance but also make it safer.    

Concrete resurfacing ensures that damaged concrete is repaired and the surface is evened out to reduce dangers for the safety of your family and friends.

6. Kerb Appeal

Your house is a valuable financial asset, and a worn-down driveway will diminish its value significantly. 

But the cracks and blemishes are natural with time and use. It might be harmed by tree roots or minor earthquakes, and now your home’s outlook is dull and damaged. Would a prospective buyer go for it? No! That is why the kerb appeal is more than just the sight of your driveway. It decides the value of your home. 

So, a qualified concrete coating is a lasting solution for it. It can fix any concrete problems and protect them from additional damage.

7. Stamping and Staining

This is one of the reasons why concrete resurfacing is such a big hit with both residential and commercial concrete surfaces. 

Through the process of resurfacing, a plain concrete slab can be transformed into a surface that is more than a slab. Stamping, staining, and other procedures can make it look like high-end material. 

With the right resurfacing processes, the surface may have the same appearance as actual rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, tiles, and a range of other luxury materials.


These are the reasons why many homeowners choose to resurface their Geelong concrete surfaces. 

If you are also thinking about ways to improve your concrete, resurfacing is the way to go! Not only is it more cost-effective than sealing, but it also provides better results that will last longer. Plus, resurfaced concrete is easy to maintain and looks great! 

But it is crucial to prep your existing surface well (with Geelong concrete grinding) before the process begins. 

Have more questions? 

Get in touch with Premium Concrete Resurfacing!

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