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5 Ways to Use Lighting to Upgrade Your Home

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Lights are essential accessories for your home, helping in visualization and improving its aesthetic appeal. To get the preferred outlook, you focus on the color of the lights, position and angles.

Once you nail these elements, you will make you house vibrant. As usual, when it comes to home décor, do not overdo with lights as it may lose its spark. There are several ways to use lights to upgrade your home, which we will look at in this article.

  1. Use Mild Lights in The Living Room

The living room is the heart and soul of most homes, where you and your visitors spend time. For your living room, you can resort to mild lights, going for subdued colors. It can help put focus on crucial extras in your room, such as artworks or the television. 

While you might want to light up the room and go colorful, it may bring an oversaturated effect, especially if you go for deep colored lights. Bright lights are not that bad for your main room. They can have a mesmerizing effect if you have large windows. 

  1. Light Up Your Stairs

The stairs are among the most underrated part of the house when it comes to décor. Proper focus on the stairs, via addition of lighting and other add-ons can contribute to a unique-looking home. 

You may consider staircase lighting indoor to brighten up your stairs and surrounding regions. You can also add some artworks and minimal flowers on the stair path to achieve a desired them. The lights also help you to easily access other rooms in the dark, considering most people use lights from other rooms to illuminate this area.

  1. Verandah Lights

 The verandah is another area to focus on when decorating your house with lights. It is easy to decorate your verandah, especially if you decide to go minimalistic. Add a few lights to brighten it up, making it ideal for peaceful nights.

Chain lights do well in the verandah, giving it an exotic feeling. Alternatively, you can have a large central outdoor lamp that illuminates the entire backyard. The good thing with decorating your verandah with lights is you can use as many colors as you want, but be careful to avoid overdoing it. Try and achieve a particular theme with at most two light colors.

  1. Garden Lights

You should not overlook your garden area when decorating your home with lights.  It is an excellent way of showing off your plants and landscaping prowess to your neighbors and guests. You can choose bright or mild colors depending on the theme that you want to achieve.

The lights go well with garden accessories like an arch, especially the flowered ones, as they showcase their beauty. You can put light around other add-ons like your fountain, birdhouse, gazebo and more. Let your creativity take charge when improving your garden, doing all you can to make it look unique and catchy.

  1. Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your center of solace, where you retire at night with your thoughts. When bringing in lights into the equation, you look at your preferences to prevent making your room feel overcrowded. 

If you love minimalism, a single dim light will do, which can help you relax and enhance your moods. However, not everyone is into minimalism, as it may translate to a lonely and sad-feeling space.  A touch of color can help in such a situation, where you can use colored lighting to achieve a specific theme. 

If you are artistic, you can go all in by combining different colors, though it may make the room feel cluttered. Positioning of the lights is also crucial, as you can fit the lights in areas where you want more attention, such as your desk or paintings on the walls.

Kids rooms should have decent lighting, more of a jolly mood. Keep off dark lighting shades, like blue for your kids’ rooms, as it may scare them. Guest rooms need lively lighting for your visitors to feel at home.


Lighting is usually the missing link of a desired home décor, particularly indoors. This piece looks at some of the moves to pull with lights to upgrade your home’s look. Choose the befitting lights to enhance your home. 

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