Felt is a material made from compressed and matted fibers that is a very soft insulator. That makes it a very useful and versatile material when used to make tiling. 

A major advantage when using felt wall tiles is that they are remarkably easy to use and install. It’s as simple as taking some measuring tools to ensure that the tiles are placed straight and in the proper location, removing the adhesive strip from the back of the tile, and holding it in place for approximately 30 seconds. 

It’s that easy! Furthermore, they have a wide variety of uses within the home to fit your own needs, personality, and style. 

Here are five great ways you can make use of these felt wonders within your own home:

Sound Proofing

Due to the nature of felt, these tiles have a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.35, which means that they will reflect 35% of all sound that strikes their surface.

What that means is that they are an excellent material for soundproofing rooms or alcoves. If you are looking for a place to practice your music or singing, want to have a home office or quiet place to read, or simply diminish the playful (but loud) noise within a child’s room – felt tiles are a quality option for acoustic paneling.

They will help you find a suitable place to concentrate or even just relax and destress in peace and quiet at the end of a long day.

Within a Child’s Room

Speaking of children, felt tile has a multitude of uses within their rooms, even outside of its noise-dampening properties.

Felt comes in various colors, and bright color options can help liven up a child’s room. Since they are so easy to use and place, they are ideal to come up with creative designs that appeal to your child’s personality and encourage a positive vibe. 

They also are excellent when used to make bulletin or poster boards, giving your child an easy option to display their artwork, chore lists, and other decorations that suit their fancies. 

Plus, the soft felt texture feels nice to the touch and could provide gentle flooring, even providing some measure of protection in the event of a trip or fall. You could even place tiles in a hopscotch pattern or other fun ways to provide on-hand sources of entertainment for your kids. 

Creative Decor

Of course, the decor options are not limited to only the children’s rooms. They are great for expressing your personality within your living area, bedrooms, or virtually any other room in the house. 

Warm colors and geometric patterns can have a soothing effect, helping create an atmosphere of relaxation that can help you destress after a long day. 

They can also completely change the mood of a room. Proper color options and organization can give a home office a professional look, setting it apart from the rest of the house to encourage a working mood whenever you step inside. 

Since the tiles come in a variety of different colors, you have complete control over customizing their use to fit your needs. You can have a different color scheme and patterns for each room in the house if you choose, even the bathroom. 

Don’t forget the floors and the ceiling! Your felt tile art can extend to these places as well, creating the complete design package for a room which can result in total immersion. 


While felt tiles do make excellent pinboards, they also have great use right near the front door. People often have items such as wallets, keys, purses, hats, or other items that they tend to take with them whenever they leave the house.

Felt boards make great “reminder” boards. With a little modification, you can install hooks to hold objects such as keys, or even small baskets for wallets, coins, or other items that are frequently found in pockets. 

This can also be transferred to the kitchen or bedrooms, where you can place small yet important objects that you do not want to get lost. 

Don’t forget those felt bulletin boards for important notes and to-do lists! It’s helpful to have a board in the kitchen for reminders, grocery lists, calendars, pens, and other items that you will want at hand when planning your day. 

Room Dividers

Here’s some out-of-the-box thinking – what if you could use felt tiles to partition a room? Say you had two children sharing a room and they each wanted their own space. 

This is a possibility! 

With the use of hanging wire dividers, you can place felt tiles on each side, creating a division that allows each child to have their own space within a single room. The sound-dampening qualities can come in handy here, helping control the volume level within each section.

In a similar vein, you could use the same concept to design a felt castle or hideout for children to enjoy and could even potentially use this idea to create a homemade closet for toys or other items. 

This can also be useful in the rest of the house as well. You could create a reading or study alcove, a small recording studio, or even partition off part of the living room for entertainment purposes, such as TV, while leaving an area for quieter activities, if you have the room available. 

The only limit is your imagination! 

The Bottom Line

The ease of installation plus the wide color variety makes felt tiles perfect for any home or home office. 

They provide the ultimate opportunity to express your creativity to establish different moods throughout your home, depending on the purpose of the room itself and your personality. 

The tiles themselves are useful for organization, whether that involves pinning things, using them as bulletin boards, or providing specific places for important objects. 

They also give you more control over sound due to their sound-dampening attributes, letting you establish rooms designed to accommodate loud or frequent noise.