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5 Ways Through Which Brands Can Make The Best Use Of Instagram

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More than 600 million people are currently using Instagram, all of whom regularly check their feeds, like comments, and post their responses. Therefore, a robust Instagram presence is a sensible step to strengthen your strategy, interact with the audience, and increase brand recognition as more customers connect with their favourite companies on social media.

Your company’s success may be enhanced by focusing on Instagram as part of your broader social media strategy. In addition, any profession may use these five strategies or small companies on Instagram to increase followers, visibility, engagement, and output.

1.   Investigate The Functionality Of The System

The Instagram platform is constantly developing. Specifically, Instagram’s CEO releases a new weekly video detailing improvements and additions to the service. In addition, he recently revealed to his subscribers that they were beta testing a subscription option to get them access to unique Lives and Stories from their favourite authors.

Live Rooms, shopping posts, scheduled Lives, or hashtags are just a few well-established tools on the social media network, in addition to the many experimental branches.

We recommend picking one or two features every month to try out. This will help you keep your bearings and evaluate the relative importance of the various components.

Using hashtags is one way to expand your audience to include those who aren’t already following you but who could be engaged in what you have to offer. Have no idea how many to employ? Our Instagram Engagement Report found that using multiple hashtags per post did not affect engagement. Another advantage of experimenting with Instagram’s features is reaching a wider audience. The website has been clean about favouring profiles that use tools such as “Reels.”

It’s a win in every way: you can anticipate changes, find the features that work best for you, and reach more people.

2.   Make Use Of Instagram’s Story Features

More than 400 million people are using Instagram Stories, so it’s clear that this kind of fleeting material is here to stay. In addition, it’s essential to produce business content in Instagram Stories to supplement your regular posts since company pages make up one-third of the watched stories.

Instagram Stories provide businesses with a new channel for customer outreach and interaction. It gives them a sneak peek behind the scenes of your company, which helps establish your credibility and makes them feel more connected to your business. As a business, you may further improve your marketing efforts by adding product tags to your Instagram Stories.

3.   Practice Makes Perfect About Timing

The optimal time to publish content is when its intended audience will be online and receptive to it. Based on our most recent social media use analysis, we know that Tuesdays or Wednesdays are often the happiest to post, with peak times falling between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Yet, the precise opportune moments may change based on variables such as your location, the nature of your business, and the habits of your target audience.

Suppose you’d instead not do all that manual research. In that case, Sprout Social’s publishing capabilities, which include features like ViralPost, provide an automatic option by figuring out when your audience is most engaged. Then, at the most convenient moment, ViralPost will distribute your material on autopilot. This is a huge boon to your efficiency as a publisher since you can now reach your audience at the peak of their interest.

4.   Increase Your Content’s Discoverability By Using Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags serve as powerful allies. They increase the likelihood that your posts will be discovered in relevant hashtag searches and on the Explore page of users who have previously liked or engaged with posts like yours. 

Choosing the most popular hashtags on a global or regional scale might cause your material to get left by the wayside.

Sprout makes it simple to get the most out of your Instagram hashtags. For example, if it’s your brand’s style to keep the hashtags within the first comment, you’ll save time with our Instagram publishing tool called first-comment posting, and our hashtag reporting will help you uncover the best solutions for your content.

5.   Maintain A Regular Publishing Schedule

Although it’s been shown that increasing the frequency with which you publish on Instagram grows your likes and the number of people who follow you, consistency is more crucial. This implies firms should be constant in their efforts to post on Instagram once or twice daily. If you don’t constantly publish, you risk annoying or losing followers.

Create a content schedule for your social media channels to help you keep track of when and what to publish. Possessing a specialised staff to handle Instagram marketing tasks like content selection, design, scheduling, or monitoring is a wise investment if funds allow.


Use these Instagram best practices as a springboard to reach a new audience and improve your profile’s visibility.

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The success of an Instagram marketing and promotion campaign hinges on the quality of the material shared. The trick is to see which ones are best for your target demographic.

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