Having the perfect lush and green lawn is the dream for most homeowners. However, many people do not realize the tedious maintenance required to achieve it.

Lawn maintenance is a series of simple but repetitive daily and weekly tasks. You can hire a landscaping professional to do them, or you do these tasks yourself.

In most cases, people go with a mix to be practical. Here are the top five tips for achieving and maintaining the perfect lawn.

Mow the Grass Regularly

The first tip is the most basic task in lawn maintenance: mowing the grass regularly. Sometimes you will need to adjust how frequently you mow the lawn depending on the weather and climate.

Generally, you should cut your lawn weekly during the spring and summer. The ideal cut length should always be one-third of the grass height.

A little-known fact is that the time of day for mowing the lawn has a significant effect. Lawn care experts recommend mowing the lawn early in the evening to prevent the grass from losing moisture.

Turn the Sprinklers On in the Morning

A healthy lawn cannot exist without an adequate supply of water. Watering it every day is unnecessary unless new grass is growing. In most cases, you should water your lawn two or three times per week.

For best results, purchase lawn sprinklers in Thornhill. Buying a lawn sprinkler that covers the entire lawn area is ideal.

The best time to set your sprinklers off is between 6 am and 10 am. Scheduling it for the middle of the day or the evening will not be as effective.

Customize for Optimal Performance

Some properties are new with lawn areas that need an overhaul. You have options regarding the type of grass to use to optimize performance. Climate and rainfall amounts in specific regions can affect certain grass varieties’ performance differently. Choosing the suitable grass variety that suits your climate zone would be best.

Grass comes in wide different varieties that cater to various needs. For example, people with little time for lawn care prefer Bermuda grass and Kentucky bluegrass because they are low maintenance. Do the proper research in your area or consult a lawn professional before customizing your lawn.

Incorporate Fertilizer into Your Routine

If you want to get the “grass looks greener on the other side” look, incorporate fertilizer into your maintenance routine. Before purchasing anything, ensure you find the kind of fertilizer that works best for your grass variety.

Fertilizing your lawn is easy. You only need high-quality fertilizer and a lawn spreader. There are two kinds of lawn spreaders: a drop spreader and a broadcast spreader. Drop spreaders are the best choice for small lawns, while broadcast spreaders work best for large areas.

You must water your lawn a few days before fertilizing to prepare the soil. When the time is right, fill the spreader with the appropriate amount of high-quality fertilizer. The fertilizer packaging should include instructions on adjusting the spreader’s settings.

Once everything is ready, walk along the perimeter of the lawn to feed and fertilize the soil. Steadily work your way to the middle of the grounds. Make sure you properly dispose of any product that remains after treatment.

Use Weed Control

Keeping your lawn weed-free is a problem for many homeowners. Following the first three tips on this list can help with weed control. Fertilizing, regular mowing, and deep watering the lawn discourage their growth and generally keep weeds away.

However, weeds can be a major headache once they take root. The worst weeds for lawns are crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Both are notoriously hard to kill.

The typical solution to the problem is to apply a carefully formulated herbicide formula to the lawn in early spring. Mixing the solution requires knowledge and precision because you want to kill the weeds without damaging the lawn. In most cases, you need professional landscaping services to do this for you.

Achieving and maintaining the perfect lawn is not a task for the faint of heart or short of time. While it might seem the simplest thing, lawn care takes a lot of time, skill, and effort. However, you should be able to achieve the perfect lawn if you follow these tips.