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5 Things to Know About Pune Before You Move There

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Nowadays, moving to Pune is not a big deal. All the brilliant young folks from other cities are moving to the Oxford of the East because it offers the best employment prospects, educational choices, and residential housing. Pune is a vibrant city ideal for those looking for fun and vigour in their lifestyles because it has corporate bigwigs, affordable and luxurious homes, premier colleges and universities, and retail centres.

Moving to a new location always involves a variety of unusual experiences. Pune possesses its own culture, distinctive charm, quirks, and way of life. You should be aware of these things before moving to Pune, whether you’re a professional or a student.

5 Things to Know About Pune Before You Move There

1. The climate is vastly improved

One of the initial things you’ll notice when you relocate to Pune is the weather, which is far better than any other location you have been to. Although it does get hot throughout the summer, the temperatures here are still considerably more bearable than those in Mumbai. The city mostly stays cool because of the frequent rain, low humidity, and lush vegetation. Additionally, you can always travel to the nearby hill stations if you want to take in some natural beauty. Different Furniture rental Pune offers weather-friendly pieces for your home.

2. There are esteemed academic institutes

School sessions begin in June, much like in the rest of India. Finding a reputable school for your children will not be an issue if you relocate to Pune with them in tow. All around Pune, several well-known and reputable pre-schools and international schools have top-notch facilities and qualified professors. The Bishop’s School, Loyola High School, St. Helena’s School, Symbiosis International School, and Mercedes-Benz International School are a few of Pune’s most well-known educational institutions. There are also prestigious colleges, including BMCC, MIT, Ferguson College, Symbiosis College, Savitribai Phule Pune University, and many others.

3. Purchasing a two-wheeler is beneficial

Even though public transportation is available throughout the city, utilizing it necessitates interacting with the auto rickshaw drivers and bus conductors. Hence, most residents in Pune prefer to possess a two-wheeler. You can get about the neighborhood with a bicycle. However, getting a bike or scooter will let you travel farther. A licence is a nice thing to have, and if you understand where to search in Pune, getting one isn’t that tough. You can also commute and get an exercise cycle to stay fit.

4. There is never a food shortage

There are many diverse cultures present in Pune. As a result, anything from beef burgers to misal-pav is available here. There is so much food available that you need over 24 hours each day to consume it all. Along with the chaat, biryani, Vada-Pav, and mastani, you can also have Kayani’s renowned Shrewsbury plus Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale’s Bakarwadi.

5. A basic command of Marathi is beneficial

Even though Hindi and English are extensively spoken in Pune, several individuals still find Marathi to be easier to grasp. Learning a few Marathi phrases would be helpful, especially while speaking with the bus drivers, merchants, or traffic police.


Pune is a welcoming city where one may dwell. Nevertheless, as is the case when transferring to any new location, Pune will also present surprises while you’re there. These suggestions will ensure that your first few days in the city go smoothly and comfortably.

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