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3 Tips for Hiring a Small Business Accountant in Brisbane

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The decision to hire an accountant can be tough, especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the different specializations out there. Remember, it’s always better to work with someone who knows what they’re doing rather than try to tackle the job yourself!

Hiring the right small business accountant in Brisbane can make all the difference when you’re running your own business. A good accountant will help you stay in compliance with federal, state and local regulations while also giving you advice on how to improve your business finances in order to reduce your tax liability and make more profit. But hiring the right small business accountant can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you should be looking for. Here are some tips on finding the right small business accountant in Brisbane that will ensure that your finances are in good hands as you expand your company.

1) Determine if you need an accountant

The success of any small business depends largely on its ability to handle the costs and expenses related to day-to-day operations. This includes accounting work such as filing taxes, making deposits, invoicing clients and recording incoming cash flow.

This can all be overwhelming for one person and many small businesses rely on the services of an accountant to help them with their finances. Know what your needs are – Not all accountants offer the same level of service, which means that not every type of accountant will suit your needs.

2) Choose an accounting firm that fits your requirements

Tax Talk offers comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting and taxation services for both small and large businesses. With experienced CPAs and corporate accountants on staff, the experts can help you with the following: Accounting, Tax planning & preparation, Company audits & reviews.Matt Hansen Real Estate’s expert staff is well-versed in international tax laws, so they can provide you with a personalized plan to manage your business overseas.  They offer expert consulting services as well as robust payroll options. They will take care of all of your financial needs including bookkeeping.

3) Provide all needed information

Finding the right business accountant is key to the success of any business. Your accountant should have some training or experience with taxation law and bookkeeping procedures, as well as an understanding of business practices.

Check their availability A part-time or full-time accountant might be more cost effective if you’re a small company that isn’t generating much revenue.Consider their specialty an audit-only accountant will be more cost effective if you have no prior financial records to review, while one with both tax and audit experience will be most helpful if you are experiencing cash flow problems and need help improving your business’s financial health. A good small business accountant should provide a consultation where they can meet with you and discuss your needs. Be sure to ask how much time they spend on average with each client, as well as how often they meet. This can give you an idea of their availability and their attentiveness.

If possible, get references: When interviewing candidates, check to see how other clients feel about them.

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